Lena Waithe and Rishi Rajani open the doors from their office in Los Angeles

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Joshua Kissi 

In cooperation with her production partner Rishi Rajani, the President of the company for film and television, Waithe Hillman gradually established Hollywood power plant and engine of change and the work of the BIPOC talent from the author's room to the meeting room, in front of the camera and increased at the back. "We want to give a voice of a large number of people who have traditionally been marginalized - because of their breed, sexual preference, financial means, geographical location and other factors. I think we surprise people in the lamp and whom we are in the spotlight Back in the spotlight, "explains Rajani.

Joshua Kissi

When it was time to put Hillman into a real office, it was clear that the conventional tinseltown status model - slim white walls for mostly white people - would simply not cut it. "We did not talk about aesthetics and certain styles," says Waithe about early discussions between the Hillman Grad team and the designer Amie Mays, who had previously worked with Waith on the interiors of her house in Los Angeles. "It was about a mood. The feeling had to be warm and colorful, with a lot of texture. I wanted to be surrounded by black art, wall paintings, video shifts iconic moments of blacks in film and television - everything that speaks of my blackness," adds Waithe In addition.

Waithes private office. Joshua 

Mays reacted with an exhilarating selection of plush, polychrome fabrics, a selection of graphic and prismatic wall cladding - especially the combination of golden cork wallpapers and a pattern that is reminiscent of the striking lines of Cuba cloth - and classic furniture from the middle of the century who shout the populist foundations of the modernist movement. It is not a sterile white wall in sight. "I tried to create a room that inspires people to make something nice, a room that feels comfortable and safe for the employees and all guest directorates, actors, writers and managers," says May about their decorative ministries .

The inspiration wall in Waithes BüRO shows various paintings. Joshua Kissi


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