We believe in a world with limitless freedom for your individuality and mutual acceptance for everyone. Take the freedom to experiment and reflect- even at your home.

We also took the freedom. The freedom from the development of your own furniture production on the trade with extraordinary and wild designs from all over Europe for you. Learn our unique history and our sustainable cooperation about the well -known online magazine Style park from Frankfurtknow:


We want to motivate you to actively shape your home and to approach all the colorful opportunities that are courageous and optimistic. Without being condemned. We exist to give you security, do exactly that and find your creativity.

We find unique for you

You are unique - just like your facility. That's why we do everything to help you find your next favorite. We embark on the expedition abroad for unknown brands for you and often offer you parts that you will otherwise not find in Germany. We want you to be sure to find the perfect facility for you.

Real people, honest opinions

We bring the interior showroom home: Our creative director is on the road for you and tests new products from our shop- and brutally honestly. You benefit from expert knowledge in design, quality and comfort. We attach great importance to taking pictures for reviews from a customer's point of view - this is how you get the unvarnished truth.

We are continuously working on testing even more products so that you can be sure when buying your favorite piece. Are you missing an expert assessment with your favorite product? Talk to us and we will write you an honest review: Studio@palaius.com

You can find our tests at the individual products in the 'Reviews' section.


Discount for everyone who are short of cash

You are studying or just starting to make money? Then the monets are probably not always easy with you, but don't worry, we made it possible.

As a student or Young Professional, you get a 10% discount as a student. After all, your current situation shouldn't stop you from being yourself.

All information about our discount can be found here: 10% discount


First try it out, then pay

First try it out, then pay? Of course. From now on we offer you the opportunity to shop your favorite items today and only pay for 14 days. So that you can shop what you want, as you want. Hard to believe? Convince yourself.